What a busy weekend!

L got off work pretty early on Saturday so we thought that we would take a trip out to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Ut it wasnt as fun as we thought but we still had a pretty good time. H got to go for a pony ride, there were baby goats and some chicks. Nothing too exciting!

After that we headed back and went to the drive in, yes they still have those! We watched Prom Night and Vantage point, both were very good, H sat in the front and watched movies on the dvd player.

Sunday brought on a whole new set of adventures! We startede off with a lazy day, that was the plan, then later in the afternoon like 1 L decided that we should go to Color Me Mine so we all got ready and went there, but wouldnt you know that their printer was out of order, so back to square one! We decided to go have lunch and head out to our favorite hide out (pictures are below)

Isnt it so pretty... I know the date is off, it really was today...4/27

Okay so its not so much of a "secret" let alone a "hide out!" Its Boondocks Family Fun Center, it was our first time there, they have an arcade, minature golf, laser tag stuff like that! But you gotta admit L did some really fancy photography. Well that was our weekend. Now we are home resting for another long work week!


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