Isnt this just like us!

So in 19 days we are headed out for a 10 day vacation to CA we are so excited and are counting the days, But in true L and C fashion we have no plan, we have no reservations (except at the Inn of Grama) we got nothing! Well we do have our car rented, (yes we are driving but we got ourselves a little Prius so 45 miles to the gallon). And I guess you can say that we have an itinerary of some sort, it looks like this

*Saturday leave when L gets off work, drive straight to LA, find a hotel
*Sunday go to Disneyland back to hotel
*Monday go to Grandmas
*Monday Drive home, maybe stay the night in Vegas, or Mesquite
*Tuesday Be home some time for sure
*Wednesday relax from our vacation
*Thursday back to work

Now we do have a small list of things that we would like to do while we are there, however there is nothing set in stone, and of course that's how we like it, that list looks like this...

Monterrey Bay Aquarium
Chumash Casino (this is one thing that we are totally going to do, gotta get there to see all our old friends and enemies and of course try to win some money!)
Olvera st
Central City Broiler for all you can eat crab (We have to call and see if they still have that)
AJ Spurs (can you even go to Buellton and not stop there?)
Jalama Beach (for some burgers)

Of course there are a few things that we don't want to miss while we are there like; In and Out and Jack in the Box.

Reading back on those lists we sure are going to be doing a lot of eating! Oh well its a vacation, no calorie counting! Its not that we dont have good food here in Ut but c'mon there is no Jack in the Box what kind of nonsense is that? And you cant get a steak like Aj's anywhere out here and trust me we have been looking.

Got any ideas, of course we are both from CA and lived there most of our lives but maybe you know of a secret getaway spot or somewhere cool that your family goes, comment and let us know!


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