Meal Plan 1/26-2/1

The meal plan for the week
H's breakfast;
M- Cereal and fruit
T- Oatmeal
W- waffles
Th-eggs and toast
L and I are eating oatmeal, fruit, or granola bars for breakfast
School lunch for H, and for me and L its leftovers and fruit or sometimes breakfast L comes home for a break between 930am-1pm so we just eat whatever.
M- Crock pot Chicken Cacciatori, white rice, salad (new recipe)
T- Meatloaf, baked potato, broccoli
W- Famous pork chops, corn, rice a roni (new recipe)
Th- Stupid easy crock pot sausage and potatoes, green beans (new recipe)
F- spaghetti, texas toast
Sat- Sticky Fingers, baked beans, corn bread (new recipe)
Sun- leftovers/ Ramen
For more meal plans (and a giveaway) be sure to check out Im an organizing junkie


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