Why cant buying a house in real life be as easy as it is in my dreams
-it would go like this-
seller- "I have this beautiful home and I want to sell it"
buyer- "Wow that is a great house, I have X amount"
seller- "that's great that's exactly what I wanted"
buyer- "my inspector and appraiser will be here in the morning"
-the next day-
appraiser to buyer- "you got yourself a great house here, its worth X amount"
buyer- "great that's exactly what I have!"
inspector to buyer- "you got yourself a great house here! there is nothing wrong with it"
buyer to seller- "great I will meet you at the title company in an hour"
1 hour later.... all the papers are signed and we part ways but first....
seller to buyer "wanna go have a drink, my treat"
and then I woke up, I have a great imagination don't I!
we are going back into the unknown we are going to lock in for 30 days while the seller makes a final decision!


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