Could it be?

here we are its Thursday night and I already have a meal plan and most of the grogery list for next week! I am awesome!

here we go; with a few changes to this weekend;
Saturday 2/26 Family bbq for BIL birthday
Sunday 2/27 Chili mac
Monday 2/28 Spicy black bean soup
Tuesday 3/1 Slow cooker chicken posole I will be at the dentist, getting my wisdom tooth +1 pulled
Wednesday 3/2 Hamburger helper, we use to eat this all the time, and we got a new one.
Thursday 3/3 CORN
Friday 3/4 Slow cooker lasagna
Saturday 3/5 Pioneer Woman Cajun Chicken
Sunday 3/6 Mexican style Casserole

woohoo! wonderful, now to make a shopping list to match!


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