Hello Sunday its time for a confession

We are falling off the weight loss wagon... So starting tomorrow we are going back to the gym (if they are open) we have to rededicate ourselves to healthier snacks. And less cheating on the weekends, this is a major downfall for us. We work our butts off Monday thru Friday get up and go to the gym at some ungodly hour to only eat a whole bag of Doritos on Saturday in front of a movie (with a bag of redvines and M&M's) LOL! Only to start all over with a +2 on the scale come Monday morning.... NO MORE! I reached my goal once and since then have added 5 that won't go away. Grumpy is still working on her goal and my candy/sweet&salty treat enabaling is just not cutting it anymore! I QUIT!

with that said here is next weeks menu;
Monday- Spinach, rice and black bean burritos
Tuesday- Chicken Caccitore
Wednesday-Spicy beef tacos
Thursday-Chicken and dumplings
Friday-Hamburger cornbread casserole
Saturday-Pioneer Woman cajun chicken w/pasta
Sunday-Chile mac

All WW friendly except Saturday dinner but we will still come in within our points.


Blogger Trish said...

I SOOOOOO know what you're saying. Minus the gym part. Double the sweet/salty/fat snacky part.

February 22, 2011 at 8:04 AM


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