Day 4 and 5... 6 more to go!

Yesterday (day 4) went great, no money spent.

Today is day 5, and what can you do for free/or low cost when you have some time to spare, and have put your self on a restricted budget;

*take the bus downtown to meet your wife
*go and pick up a new sweater for her uniform, which is an XL even though she wears a L, good thing I have the ability to shrink fabric like no other, its kind of my superhero ability!
*go to Anchor Blue and have the security device removed from your shorts, only to find out that they are actually closing their doors on Sunday! not in 5 weeks :(
*go to 711 but 2 coffees and 2 glazed doughnuts.... oops not free used chacha so it doesn't count
*and finally when you have nothing to do on a Friday afternoon... you can go to the Social Security office and get a new card!! They are free! all you have to do is wait 30 minutes!


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