Garage Sale, Catered by A (L's mom)

So it was another long Sunday, we had our first yard sale of the year at L's moms house. We started at 8am and ended at 2pm, we got rid of alot of stuff. We thought that by selling clothes 5.00 for all you could fit in a grocery bag, we would get rid of alot of clothes, but it ended up, not so much! We only sold 2 bags of clothes but we did sell alot of stuff. We went with about 6 boxes and only packed up 4 it was a good purge! Our garage is so empty right now. Anyway more about the day, we took pan dulce for breakfast, and A provided coffee and chai, for lunch she made a dish that she calls "carne molida" its ground beef that is cooked in the acid of a lime, just like the ceviche that I made a few days ago. L and H love this dish its their favorite, you serve it over tostadas, I don't like it, it has a mushy texture. But whatever they love it!

So all and all we had a great day got a little sun burnt, and worn out from the heat, but we made.... $146.00. We are going to do it again on Saturday morning, hoping to make some more spending money before our big vacation.


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