Shopping or stealing you be the judge!!

I had to go to the store to use up the last of my free crystal light wyb coupons, so I got a few other things that were on sale heres what I got

8 Loreal Vive regularly 3.82 on sale BOGO used 4 Bogo coupons, got all 8 free
6 powerade regularly 1.08 on sale .69 used 5 1.00/1 and 1 .75/1 got all 6 free plus, 1.61 overage
17 koolaid .21 each so 3.57
6 crystal light regularly 3.99 got all for free for buying koolaid

grand total before coupons 45.10
after coupons and card 2.95
of that 1.99 was tax! so really I only paid .96! WOW!

now is that shopping or stealing? thats shopping smart if you ask me! I know alot of people will say yeah but do you use that stuff, and yes we do, the powerade is going camping with us, the crystal light is all I have been drinking lately, the shampoo and conditioner we use, and the koolaid is a "gift" to L's brother for hanging out at our house while we are gone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way! That's absolutely smart shopping! Way to go!

I've totally neglected my blog lately (we've had family drama). Now it's almost over and resolved, so I better get back on the rocker!

August 26, 2008 at 8:53 PM

Blogger Mrs_X said...

That's seriously ridiculous! I really need to start clipping coupons again.

August 27, 2008 at 6:24 PM


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