8/25-8/29 weekly budget

well it didnt work out! we only needed a few more things, and I was sure that I could do it, but today we went shopping heres what we bought

1 loaf bread (2 .25/1 coupons)
2 jars ragu
vegetable oil
4 extra gum (had bogo coupon)
4 cans of tuna
24 top ramen
10#'s potatoes
12 pack water
total 20.77 (doesnt seem very good huh?)

so we went over by 3.25

Money left over for grocery for the month (Sept 15 the grocery month ends) 36.25 which breaks down to about 18.00 per week!

I have some of the free Sara Lee bread coupons coming soon, so that will help, also we are watching the ads for cheap fruits and veggies, last week we got oranges 8#'s for .99, that was exciting, I didnt deduct that part because we just used a few dollars that we had laying around.


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