its been awhile

I am not sure why I havent been blogging, I just havent. What have I been doing? Well H was on her "fall break" so she had a 4 day weekend, on Friday we went out to lunch did some crafty stuff and just hung out. Over the weekend, we went and did some grocery shopping, watched some movies, and went to the library. Yesterday was Ls day off and she actually took it, so we just hung out around the house, watched the Haunted Mansion with N. Nothing too exciting! Soccer season is over for now, we have until next Monday to sign her up for the next set of games that will be held indoor, which is good cause it is so cold out side already!
Well thats it for now! I will try to stay on top of the blogging for the rest of the week!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wondered where you went. I missed reading your blog.

October 23, 2008 at 7:30 AM


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