We have been tagged!

My blog friend Karen over at Mommy I'm Home has Tagged us... So for your enjoyment here are 7 random/weird facts about us....
1. I clean my desk at least once a week and within in a day it is messy again
2. I sell Avon but most of the time L does all the work (thanks for that)

3. We LOVE the Olive Garden, we are going there this afternoon, for the never ending pasta bowl, hopefully I will break my record of 4 bowls......

4. If L went to a therapist they would tell her that she is OCD, on that same note if I went they would tell me that I am just plain ol' nuts (which makes me jealous cause at least L has an excuse)

5. We go to H's soccer games and we are those parents, you know the ones.."GO GO GO!!" then under our breath "what the hell was that #66 doing, if he would have done this or that he would have made it in" L and I have never played soccer, ever!

6. I dont like vegetables, I will eat them but I dont like them with one exception, Brussel Sprouts! they are sooooo good!

7. L only reads true crime stories, and loves true crime shows

So thats my 7, I dont have 7 people to tag though, so I am just going to post this!!


Blogger Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

This has been a popular post on several blogs this week, and I enjoy reading every single one of them. I wish I had the dedication to clean my desk once a week. Once a month is more like it, and it gets so junky it's pathetic.I use to sell Avon, many moons ago, but I am not a very good sales person so I had to stop. I was actually spending more money then I was making. I am also a lover of Brussel Sprouts. Especially if my mother cooks them. They are soooo good.

Take care!

October 6, 2008 at 7:30 PM


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