Books Books and more books!

I am still reading Breaking Dawn
I will be finished by the time I wake on Thursday! (hopefully)
I am not sure when it happened but at some point in my adult I became addicted to reading! I love books, I love going to the library, (I think I get that from my mom, I dont remember her ever reading when I was a kid, but I remember going to the library alot) I love just going to book stores, (used book stores are better then new ones) I even joined an online book swap, http://www.paperbackswap.com/ (if you sign up please message me first so I can refer you)

So when I ran across this post on Craigslist about a ladies online, used bookstore going out of business I was all over it, she had a sale of all her stock on Saturday paper backs were .25 and hard backs were .50 and every one that went got 1 free book! I was so excited to go, we spent about an hour looking at everything, H found 2 books, and L found one, and me I found 13! we ended up with 10 hard backs, 3 were free and 6 paper backs so we spent 5.00! just looking at the pile I know that the hard backs are worth well over 150.00! Yes they are used, but they are in really good condition, so we really hit the jackpot on that deal!

I jumped ahead on the Janet Evanovich series, I am waiting for #4 to get here from PBS but I already have 8, 10, 11 and 12, and the Holiday Novel! So they are just sitting here teasing me. And I dont really read Danielle Steel too often, once in awhile I grab a good one, but these ones do really well on PBS so if I dont like them I can just trade them for one I do.


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