A whole bunch of Witches!

We went to Gardner Village for the first time since living here, I have wanted to go but since they aren't open on Sundays its always hare to find the time. Well it was fun, not as much as I thought it would be though! It was really crowded, all the little stores were packed, and for whatever reason, we always seem to run into people that think that they are the only ones in the store, you know the people that I am talking about, the ones that stick their hands in front of exactly what you are looking at, the ones that hit you with their purses and just look at you like its your fault, or my favorite the ones that try to cram the biggest stroller ever into the worlds smallest store, they run your foot over and again look at you like its your fault! Now California is known for "attitude" but never in my life have I seen SO many rude people in one state as I have here in Utah, well I guess there was that one time at Disneyland... but that's another story!
So if you are planning on going to Gardner Village, please do so in the middle of the week in the afternoon, do not go on a Saturday!
OK with all that being said here are some pictures that we took (when people were not walking in front of the camera)


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