I cant believe I totally forgot to blog about our black Friday experience! It was so much fun! L and I now have a new tradition! H stayed the night with L's mom so we go to get all her Xmas shopping done (and we already wrapped everything)! Even the DS we got her the new Ice blue one its really pretty!! We got Pjs, and track suits, movies, oh yeah and how can I forget, L got her Christmas present early too, Guitar hero world tour for our Wii! H and her would play all day if I let them, but I am mean and don't! ans for my Christmas present, The Twilight books came UPS this afternoon, I love them they are currently serving as the center piece on the dinning room table. because I don't know where I want to "display" them yet! They came in a cool box, and with mini posters that I am going to have laminated...


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