Christmas Shopping Update

Here is an update from this post...
Maria- Done
Mark- Done
Sergio- Done
Ana- Done (sorta waiting for it to get here)
Sandee, Michele, Rachelle, we are going to see what kind of deals we can come up with on Black Friday... probably something in the bath and body works area!
So we are DONE! Okay not done done, but really really close!
We got all of H's stocking stuffers, and we got her 4 gifts, we still have to get her DS but that's about all! If we happen to run across something while we are out we are going to get it, but if all she gets is her DS and the 4 things we have she will be totally fine with that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm down to buying stuff for my mom and sister and then stocking stuffers for the Midge and my husband. It feels good to have most of the stuff out of the way early...

November 4, 2008 at 8:16 PM


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