Recipe Review X 2....

I made 2 new recipes and I forgot to review them, well I reviewed them, I just didn't blog about it, so I guess I will do that now...
Famous Pork Chops this was a really good recipe, I think the next time I will use a boneless piece of pork, we had baked potatoes and corn with this, also next time, I am going to flip them about half way threw, because the bottom side was crisp and delicious but the top was a little mushy, still good, just mushy.
Stupid Easy Crock Pot Sausage and Potatoes where do I start with this recipe? At first it looked like someone threw up in my crock, then it looked okay, then the taste test... me and H thought we would give it a try before L got home from work, just in case it was awful and we needed her to make a quick stop at KFC (which was the promise "I know it looks gross but if it tastes gross we are going to KFC for dinner" me and the checkbook were crossing our fingers that it was good) but that wasn't necessary it was good, well the one potato that we shared, after serving it up, and pairing it with green beans, we were a little disappointed, this is definitely not something you want to eat alot of, it was really rich and about half way threw I was again promising that we would never eat this again. There are som many other things I could have done with sausaga and potatoes. I think I will take the advice of my "friend" Dori if there is no picture and not too many good reviews pass on the recipe.



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