I need a break from Snow White, she woke up in a braty mood, so when grumpy came home I left... I took a walk, and got most of the shopping done for next week,
starting total 50.23
Gum 1.19
sour cream 1.00
2 Texas Toast 3.98
2 frozen lemonade 1.98
2 ben and jerry's 5.98
4 bags Armour meat balls 9.96
3 bags spaghetti noodles 2.64
1 bag elbow macaroni .88
1 spaghetti sauce 1.09
1 smoked sausage 3.00
-5.00 Mega Event
-4.00 noodle coupon (she gave me the full 1.00 instead of .88 per bag)
-1.19 free gum (catalina coupon)
-1.00 wyb 2 texas toast (catalina coupon)
total 20.70
balance for the week 29.72
We still need, Milk, eggs and vegetables, not too much probablly 15.00 more, so maybe we will go and get some carne asada to bbq or some other "treat"...


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