Watch your purses!

So today after Grumpy's softball game, (they won again 4-9) we went to Wal Mart to stock up on stuff for the new house (which we are moving into in 5 days) laundry soap, toilet paper etc, and while we were checking out, in the self check out, a guy came and stood next to our cart, there were 2 other open self check outs and 1 with a cashier, Grumpy told him, "hey there are open ones right there" he said "ah thanks bro" and just stood there my purse was strapped into the baby seat and he just stood there, Grumpy told me to get my purse in a low voice so I acted like I needed to get my debit and moved all my stuff... when we were done the guy rang up his ONE loaf of bread and I told Grumpy to hold on so we stood at the front of the store and looked over our receipt, and we saw the cashier walk up to him so we took off to the car, then while we were loading the car we saw the same guy walk out of the store empty handed! All he wanted to do was get into my purse! What is this world coming to?
This weekend we also went to the drive in and saw Fighting, if you have seen the previews then you have seen the movie!


Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

That is crazy! Glad you thwarted his attempts. Getting your purse stolen is bad enough but when you're about to move/close on a house it would probably make it a lot more difficult!!

April 29, 2009 at 10:02 AM


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