Yesterday I packed up my dresser drawers, I am going to donate a whole trash bag full of my stuff! Today all I have to do is call to see about getting Gus fixed so he doesnt start marking at the new house and getting his rabbies shot before it expires, and find out how much it will be to get Coal fixed.
Who is Coal you ask?

Well while we were looking at houses, James (that's our agent) asked if we knew anyone that was looking for a dog, we got to talking and decided that we were looking for a dog! So we told him that if he could get us into a house, and our dogs were okay with him we would take him!
Coal is a 4 year old black lab, we had him on Saturday to test him out, and I think that him and James had a long talk on the way over because he was on his best behavior.

*We had him at the apartment to see if he would get along with our other dogs and he did

*We took him to petsmart to see how he would do with other dogs freaking out (they were having an adoption day) and he just ignored them

*We took him to Grumpy's softball practice to see how he would walk with me, he did great

*We took him to the dog park, but all the big dogs were surrounding him and since he is so passive we were a little worried.

* We brought him back to the apartment to see how he would relax when it was time to relax, and he did good.

At first we were a little worried that Sam would hate him, since he was attacked by Maria's (SIL) black lab but they did really good, Gus is over protective of Sam so he was growling a little but Coal just ignored him and went about his business. He does have an obsession with tennis balls, he destroyed 4 while we were out, and a Frisbee. And he does drool alot (see the spots on the floor) but that kinda to be expected of an 85 lb dog! Other then that he is a great dog. We are getting our keys on Friday the 30 and Coal will be joining our family on May 1.


Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

What a pretty puppy! Everything is working out so nicely for you!! Congrats! (again!)

April 22, 2009 at 9:39 AM


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