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how to fix a valve in the shower? We do! Grumpy works with some of the coolest people ever! they all know a little bit about something, yesterday when our shower was broken and I spent hours on the phone trying to get our warranty figured out (which we finally did) Grumpy was at work telling them what was going on, one lady said that she had the same problem and she knows how to fix it, well she came over last night, and within one hour (we had to go to Home Depot) and @ 18.00 its working just fine!
and we have a new skill well really Grumpy does I was just watching...
So a BIG thank you to all those that drive the bus and have handyman and woman skills, you all are saving us a ton of money!
Just so you can see it
*55.00 service call for the kitchen faucet cost us 40.00 for Mike to fix it
*55.00 service call for dishwasher cost us 0.00 and 2 minutes on the phone for Mike to tell us how to fix it
*55.00 service call for shower valves cost us 18.00 for Kay to come and fix it
so in total you all have saved us 107.00! and we have picked up some valuable homeowner skills along the way!


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