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Well here we are about to have our one month aniversary in our new home and we have a problem... we dont have a home warranty, the check was sent on May 4 from teh title company, and we have a policy # but we have no idea what company we are with, the company that we are suppost to be with has no record of us on file, our agent is MIA and the guys that I am working with all though they are great and being really helpfull they just arent moving quick enough for me!

You see right now we dont have any water! I had to shut it off this morning. Snow White was taking her shower and when she was getting out, the hot water wouldnt turn off I tried everything and it wouldnt budge, so now I am sitting here without water which is nice since it gives me a day off, no laundry no dishes, but at the same time it means no flushing! I want someone here now to fix it, but without knowing who is paying (because we are not) I cant get anyone! So we are a bit stressed! I looked online and apparently if the hot water doesnt turn off, it means that there is corrosion or rust and it needs a new knob, so if we can get someone out then maybe it will be a quick fix!

Ugh the stress of home ownership... it is worth it... right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sucks to have plumbing issues. Hopefully you can get it figured out and taken care of. If not maybe YOU will be your new plumber.

I was going to tell you... My crock pot went out the other day, so I've been looking around for a new one. I found a nice big one on clearance at ShopKo for $15. It was regularly $30. I didn't get one - I think I'm going to wait until we get moved. But you might check at a ShopKo near you if you're interested. They might have them on clearance as well.

May 21, 2009 at 2:28 PM


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