When do we rest??

This weekend was so crazy on Saturday we needed to replace the sink faucet since it had a leak, we also needed to make our ceiling fan a little more stable since it was looking like some one was swinging from it, and it really hasn't gotten that crazy in here just yet! I was also recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out so I wasn't really much help. By Sunday we needed to do the lawns, the previous owners left us a lawn mower and just as we were about to finish the back yard, the darn thing died on us, so while I weed whacked the heck out of the back and pulled weeds in the front Grumpy and Snow White took a trip to Home depot, and got us a new shiny mower, we have a 10% off coupon and of course we forgot it but if we take in the coupon and the receipt they will give us the $ so that works out good!
After all that mess we now have a beautiful lawn!
And then...
This morning, feeling much better I thought I would run the dishwasher, and wouldn't you know it, the darn dishwasher isn't working, oh but wait it gets better. Our agent is out of the country, and we have NO idea who our home warranty is threw, so we get a hold of someone in his office, and they give us the info that we need phew problem diverted.... nope we call the company and what do they say, "I'm sorry we don't have your info on file, you will have to get back to your agent and see if they have any further information!" And of course the guy that gave us the info in the first place is not returning our phone call.
AHHH I could really scream! oh I think I just did... oh well I don't have any shared walls so no one will know!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, SO not fun! We got a one-year warrenty with our last house and when our dishwasher went out we got the run-around like crazy. They intalled a piece of crap cheap dishwasher that basically had an on/off button. We were so mad - our old broken dishwasher worked better than the new one. We end up giving it away to my brother and buying our own. We decided then that we'd never do a home warrenty again. Good luck!

May 11, 2009 at 4:41 PM


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