From the new house!

Well we are here! We are almost all done, we have 2 boxes left to unpack, and some crap to throw out at the apartment. Our house is great! I did lose my can opener in the move and I also cant find my 2 13x9 dishes and Snow Whites binder is also missing, but I am sure it will all turn up sometime.
We have Internet and TV.
Coal also came on Saturday and he is doing great! except for the fact that he thinks Sam is his "partner" if you know what I mean! I do have a video and I am really hoping to get it put up today. Our washing machine didnt make it over but we got a really good deal at Home Depot (12 months no interest no payment), a few other problems that we have come across, we have wasps in our shed (but I think we killed them all), the kitchen faucet leaks so we need to replace it (its only going to be @40.00 and we are going to try to get reimbursed), and the previous owners left some stuff in the shed that we need to throw out on bulk day which is June 1, and about 40 used 2 liters filled with water in the pantry, which as far as I now are for there 72 hour kits which is fine, but hello I coupon I have my own I dont want your leftovers (thank you though). Other then that, all is well. Snow White already made some friends on the block and loves to play in the back yard.
Every evening we have been taking the dogs to the school and playing ball with them for about 30 minutes, since Coal is full Lab he needs to get out the energy, I play with him in the yard in the morning and the afternoon just to keep him calm but he really likes to run free at the school, Sam and Gus dont really care for playing they would rather curl up with a blanket and sleep.
Today we are going on our first shopping trip to Sunflower Market they are having alot of good deals on fruit and veggies, like always! I just hate that its farther away! But we only have to go every other Wednesday, unless we are in the area, since they overlap their ad's. We have 123.00 left until the 15th so we are doing pretty good with our grocery money.
I have my dentist appointment Friday at 9 to get my Wisdom teeth out, all 4! I am not as nervous as I thought I would be, I already started taking my antibiotics and I have to rinse with this really nasty mouth wash, and tomorrow before bed I have to take Valium so I think I will be ok come Friday...I hope.
I think that's all for now, I will post the link to the video as soon as I get it loaded!


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