the sanctity of marriage...


I have written and re written this post about 100 times now, always deleting cause it just wasn't coming out right so lets try this again....

with our 6 year anniversary coming up I am really peeved at the fact that people that can, and do get a marriage that is recognized by every city, county, state, country and planet will just throw it out and act as if it were so disposable. they say that same sex marriage will ruin the sanctity, commitment, and tradition of marriage but really I think the only thing that will ruin it, is the people, (same sex or not) that see it as just a piece of paper. Its not. We dont have the paper, and if you ask either one of us, our family, or friends if we are married they will all say yes. Because it is a mind set, a promise, a whole new way of living. On 7/22/04 I was a completely different person then the one I became on 7/23/04. So yes we are married, and by me saying that I am not hurting your marriage. But by you just throwing yours away, it really is ruining the sanctity of mine.

please note that this is MY blog, if you leave a negative coment I will not post it.... also these are my views, I by no means speak for every same sex family in america!


Blogger Trish said...

You know where I stand.
There isn't a group of people on the planet that could screw up the meaning of the word marriage more than the ones who have been given the right to do it legally for hundreds of years.
PLEASE!!! I beg of you, have a beautiful and happy marriage and show the rest of the world how it's done. Whether same sex or not. Makes no difference to me.
Happy Anniversary!

July 21, 2010 at 7:51 PM

Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

My husband and I were married 07/25/03, and I agree, I was a different person before that all important date.

I don't mean to be flippant about it, but your marriage almost a year-to-the-date later had no impact on my own marriage.

I seriously cannot believe that there are still people that believe human rights apply to only certain humans. It is completely ridiculous to deny the basic human right of marriage to ANY human. I honestly hope that some day this is a non-issue and any consenting adult can marry the person they love.

I hope all of that came out right. Basically, I wish you and Grumpy a very happy anniversary this Friday.

July 21, 2010 at 8:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys are doing something wonderful to celebrate.

July 22, 2010 at 12:13 PM


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