All in the preperation

Along with the excuse "its too expensive to eat healthy" I really hate the one that goes, "I just dont have the time" of course really there is no excuse its just about lack of motivation, but anyway thats not really what this post is about. Since purchasing our new car we are pinching our pennies a little closer together, Saturday we had a yard sale, and we are trying to sell a few things on the local classifieds, not because we cant afford our car, but because we would like to get our savings back to where it was "pre car" ASAP, so along with that Grumpy has decided to pick up all the over time she can, on Tuesday and Thursday. So last night I knew she was working early so I took out salmon and a small steak (she has to eat 5 mini meals per day for weight training purposes) and heres what the morning schedule looked like;

5am up and getting ready for the gym
520-555 at the gym
600 Grumpy getting ready for work while I hit the kitchen
605 started coffee cooked, steak fajitas, chicken breast with rice, and salmon over veggies and of course a breakfast burrito to go.
625 Grumpy's lunch and breakfast was ready and I was drinking my coffee watching the weather!

So yes you do have time, you just have to find the motivation, in this case there is more then one thing that pushes us #1 growth of the savings. #2 Weight loss. #3 showing others that it can be done!


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