Lilith Fair.... and more

So what a coincidence that my last post was about how I was so happy to be going to this concert for my birthday... Today I should be getting ready to go, but NO.... it was cancelled. So Im working, Grumpy's working, but my birthday is not ruined... we are going out for all you can eat sushi! which is almost just as good.

Our anniversary is also just around the corner, we bought ourselves an awesome front yard chair-table set thingy... I will take some pictures in a little bit. I havent been posting too much because we have been REALLY busy. We went to gay pride, Snow White left for ca after that, we spent 4 days in Vegas, and every weekend since, we have been beautifying our yard! we also finally got a fully fenced front yard, so now the dogs and children can run out there and play without me worrying about them running off. I will take some picture in a little while.

On the financial front we are down to 2 credit cards. AMAZING! We did put the patio set on one that we had paid off, but jsut to use the card and keep it going, we are paying it off after the cycle goes threw so no worries there! I updated the ticker and we are 50% done! we are hoping to be finished by December, which I think we will!

Since it is summer I have been busy babysitting, currently I have my regular 2 plus weds and Thursday 2 more and every other week 2 more! so sometimes there are 6 boys all under 6 in my care... on those days I have my SIL come over and help with all the craziness! Today however is a quiet day, its just me and the one baby, I am waiting for him to nap so I can play with my new toy... a swiffer sweeper! I never thought I would be excited about that but I guess things change


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