Now that summer is over, I am trying to get things back to normal around here, starting with coupons, cleaning schedules, and blogging! So with that said here is the menu plan for the next 2 weeks!

9-7 Hungry girls 7 layer burrito blitz
9-8 Spaghetti Primavera with sausage
9-9 Hungry girls sloppy janes
9-10 lean bean and cheese enchiladas
9-11 spaghetti and spinach frittata
9-12 bbq chicken, corn on the cob
9-13 pan fried chicken parm with side salad
9-14 chili cheese burger
9-15 smothered pork chops
9-16 cheesy chicken carbonara
9-17 Fajitas in foil pack
9-18 planet hungywood captian crunch chicken
9-19 any meal that we didnt get around to eating, I am sure there will be at least one

all meals will be served with a fresh (sometimes frozen) fruit or veggie of course!
on the credit card front, we are so close to being debt free we can taste it! we have one that will be gone the end of October, then after that we will only have 1 left! then we are starting to save for our vacations which we already have planned (2011 cali trip, 2012 cruise).

we are working on selling our big tv that we have, if we can sell it for 850.00 we can turn around and buy a smaller better tv for about the same, or atleast with very little out of pocket, when that happens, we get to start decorating our back living room and make it feel more "homey" so im totally excited about that.
This last weekend we climbed Mt. Timpanogos for the first time in about 5 years, it was alot of fun we made it up thru the tour and back down in 2 hours and 53 minutes the average is 3 hours but of course we are now better the average! (at least by a little bit!)
I am going to TRY HARDER THEN EVER to post at least twice a week!


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