Menu plan....

1/10 B- Cheesed up pepperoni pizza scramble, L-Italian bacon alfredo bowl D- mac and cheese cakes w/ham
1/11 L-turkey club wrap D chicken sausage and capers
1/12 L- sassy soulthwest eggrolls D chicken Fajita Pitas
1/13 B- Greek scramble L- LO Chicken and sausage D-sloppy Franks
1/14 L-Go Greek Chicken salad D Oven BBQ chicken with mop sauce
1/15 Extreme mega pizza pockets
1/16 BIG LOVE Roast with veggies

On days where there is no breakfast listed it is usually a fiber one parfait, or just banana or pumpkin bread.

We are working on a spend free week from now until 1/17 the only thing that we should purchase is gas and groceries... we will see how that goes!


Blogger Trish said...

Are you really back? Or are you just teasing?
The menu looks great. Are the Hungry Girl recipes? I need to explore her site more I think.
Good luck on the no spending. you can do it!

January 11, 2011 at 8:48 AM


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