Last Tuesday I had my impacted wisdom tooth and one molar removed! So most of last week was spent doing nothing, by Friday our house was starting to look the part! I did make a not so exciting menu, by Sunday the laundry was all done and the house was pretty much back to normal, and besides a little stitch string that keeps gaging me I am too!

3/7 Salisbury Steak, brown rice and cantaloupe
3/8 Family style chicken enchiladas
3/9 Pork chops, with baked apples and risotto
3/10 Chinese chicken salad
3/11 Lemon Chicken with broccoli
3/12 ?
3/13 Slow cooker Mexican chicken

I am also happy to announce that we are having are VERY FIRST "its not a holiday family dinner" in April, I know its a long way off but I have to give every one enough notice, I know there are people that get together every week for family dinners but they actually like their family ! I kid I kid lol....

Not funny?

Ok sorry!

So what should we eat? I know that we are going to have a Surprise cake for my SIL her bday is the following weekend. Should I theme it? That would be awesome!

wheels turning....


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