Meal Plan for May 5th-9th

So this week we arent trying anything fancy no new recipes, we are just trying to get these next 12 days to go by as fast as possible! So on the menu

Monday BBQ pork ribs (L is cooking) with corn on the cob maybe a pasta salad

Tuesday Nacho Bar (we were going to have this in honor of cinco de mayo, but L is off early monday so we are grillin)

Wednesday Sweet and Sour drumsticks with rice

Thursday Breakfast for dinner? now you will be surprised to know that I dont think we ahve ever done this before... so we will do pancakes, if l is off early so she can make them, otherwise, french toast eggs and sausage.

Friday Personal Pizza's on greek pitas/

So thats all for the week! hope you all have a good one! You can see more meal plans at I'm an Orginizing Junkie.



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