Do You Have a RedBox?

Have you ever rented a movie from a Redbox? Its a great deal, usually we are already at the store and H sees something that she "has to see" So what better way to get a movie then Free! If you go to www.insideredbox.com you can get codes and get free rentaals! Not that 1.00 will break you but if you get 4 movies in a week, well thats a gallon of gas!
Some of the codes that are working right now:

BIGMAC508 (at mcdonalds)

Also Monday is there promo day so if you sign up for their site they will send you a code that is only good for that monday.
To use the code just touch “Rent with a Promocode” on the touch screen, after you selected your movie,at any Redbox kiosk and enter in the code.


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