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So our vacation is over, so sad. Even sadder that H is still in CA for the summer. We had so much fun, took over 300 pictures, but now its time to get everything in order, meal plan, grocery shop, get coupons, (haven't gotten any in 3 weeks!) L cleaned the bathroom and the laundry is mostly done, key work mostly, Avon orders have been delivered, new books are out, I think that's all. I will plan the menu for next week in the next few days. I got this really good recipe for a rice salad, from my grama, well its not really a recipe more like put a little of this and a little of that in a bowl, also my grampa makes these jalapeno poppers with bacon, chicken and of course jalapeno and shrimp wrapped scallops we are going to a bbq on Saturday so we are making all that we cant wait so we will post pictures of all the yummy food!
A few more pictures from our vacation
from top to bottom
1. C&L at the "pick your own" farm (which was so fun)
2. C and our niece Cienna
3. H and her cousin Cienna
4. Ventura Harbor


Blogger JANE4girls said...

glad you had fun on your vacation!

don't forget to check out my blog tomorrow for the link the the news story I emailed you about!

May 30, 2008 at 7:42 AM


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