I have the answer!! ME! I became an Avon lady last week so far I have 5 customers! Its alot of fun and a great opportunity for me to make money and still stay home, I made up some fancy business cards even some that are magnets I know I am so cool! L is a big help with this, all the ladies of UTA love Avon, so of course she is out selling for me. I do have a website where you order and have products shipped directly to you, now how cool is that! the address is www.youravon.com/cstevenson
Now every one knows that Avon has been around for ever, and sells really great products, but did you know, Avon is the largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause, with programs in 50 countries that advance access to care and finding a cure, since 1992 they have raised and donated nearly half a million dollars world wide? Their "Speak out Against Domestic Violence" campaign created in 2004, raises both money and awareness of this important public health issue? Avon also responds quickly and effectively to national and international emergencies and natural disasters funding relief programs that provide vital services.
So when you order Avon not only will you be helping this SAHM (stay at home mom) stay at home, you will be helping raise money for breast cancer awareness, domestic violence victims, and Victims of natural disasters.
So keep me in mind for all your Avon needs!


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