Did you know???

You can pay for school supplies with the change that you find in your couch cushions? Oh yeah its true! This week at Staples you can get the following for $0.01 (yes that's 1 penny);

2 pocket paper folders (limit 10)
#2 Yellow pencils 8 pack (limit 2)
0.5 Purell hand sanitizer (limit 2)

also really cheap;
1/2 inch poly binders $0.25 (limit 4)
Pentel handy lines retractable highlighters $4.99 free after rebate

So L and I went we each got a set of 0.01 items and 8 binders we spent a total of $2.44 so exciting! keep watching your ads there will probably be sales like this every week, until school starts. even if your child doest have an abnormal obsession with office supplies, (like H) you could still go in and buy the limits on everything, and donate to your child's class at the beginning of the year or even Xmas.


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