Our Xmas challange

I know its only July but I thought it would be a great idea to let you all in on our plan...

H wants a Nintendo DS for Xmas... it is 129.88 for just the system and 156.88 for the girls bundle, at walmart, or 129.99 for just the system and 219.99 for the animal lovers bundle at Target. We really want to get this for her, but the price is pretty steep for our budget so, here's the challenge... get it for FREE! how you ask? Points systems from survey sites!

At Mypoints.com you can cash in your points for walmart gift cards, I did it a few weeks ago and got a 25.00 walmart gift card and a 10.00 barnes and nobel gift card. L is now using Mypoints too so we can get gift cards twice as fast!
At Boomertowne.com you can also cash in your points that you earn for Target gift cards, at the beginning of the year I cashed in for a 25.00 gift card and I am 1250 points away from another one if you get 500 points a day (very easy) you can get a gift card in less then a month. L is also doing this now too.

At Lightspeed panel you get points for surveys you can cash out for either gift cards or paypal, they don't have walmart or target, but since they have paypal... I can cash out the paypal, transfer it to our bank account, and load it on to the gift card that we already have, It takes 1 day to put the money into paypal so I am going to do that on Monday.

So, here's what I am figuring since some sites give walmart and some give target, and we mix and match its no biggie because if we budget 500.00 for Xmas money (it will probably be less) and we spend a huge chunk on the Ds we will still have walmart or target gift cards to replace the cash, the plan is to not buy the Ds UNLESS we have equal amounts in gift cards to buy it, (example 100.00target 50.00 walmart). We are also going to add any money that I make of trades for coupons at HCW.

We are going to be tracking our progress in the side bar, (over there on the right) and we are just going to start with the regular system, at 130.00, and if we get there then we will up it to the bundles.
Well hopefully this works out the way we hope it will and if not, well lets not think about the "if not"


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