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The Utah Pride festival was June 6-8 it was so much fun! we went Saturday with some friends it was a great day to look at all of the booths and have some beers (some of us had too many) Sunday L and I went alone it was packed there was "fence to fence" people, it was nice to see the whole GLBT community OUT in full force! I kept asking L " where are they all any other time?" I really thought that L and I were one of like 10 lesbian couples here in Utah, boy was I wrong! any how I took this picture while we were there (yes I took it, in a past life I like to think that I was some sort of famous photographer, okay so its not that good but it wont hurt you to humor me)
and a few other random pictures from the weekend;
Sandee and L, thas Michelles boa by the end of the night it was MIA!
this flag was like 2 blocks long, everyone threw money into it it was so cool! I wish I could have gotten a pic from the sky!!
saturday after a few (too many) beers! but my hair still looks good!


Blogger JANE4girls said...

awww, you still look so cute together!

June 18, 2008 at 3:52 PM


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