Meal Planning Monday

Its Monday already? where did the weekend go? well I guess I will just deal with it! (really what else can 'ya do?) Over at Im an organizing junky there are tons of other menus (including ours) so go check them out.... this week on the menu;

Monday-Taco salad strawberry sensation for dessert
Tuesday- Pork chops with mushroom sauce over egg noodles, green beans
Wednesday-baked chicken, pasta side, corn and Yummy peaches for dessert
Thursday- lasagna (from the freezer and by that I mean I bought it frozen, not a pre made freezer meal, I don't do that) Texas toast, green beans
Friday- Sloppy Joe's

So that's it, next week we are going to be on our strict 20.00 or less grocery budget, the ads are coming out within the next few days so any money spent from the grocery budget will be logged in the blog (I didn't mean for that to rhythm, it just worked out that way)


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