In a Blog Funk

I dont know where I have been, or what I have been doing, but one thing is for sure I haven't been blogging... I really haven't even been sitting at my computer, we have been spending alot of extra time with L's mom, which I love, I love the way L's face looks when she is with her mom (after 13 years of not seeing her its completely understandable).
This weekend we went to El Pollo Loco its about 20-30 minutes south, but they both Love it so we went, and it was really good, now we dont have to go to CA to get it! After that we went to the festival of trees, it was so fun I love going there, they put up a ton of trees, with decorations, and some of them even have presents (I think I read somewhere 2500, but it could be more) they decorate them and then sell them and all the proceeds go to the children's hospital, this is our second year going, I think its our new tradition.
H is leaving soon she is going to CA to visit her dad next weekend, she wont be here for Christmas, or New Years, or L's bday but we are going to have a few late parties when she comes home, she doesn't mind.
We put up our Christmas tree last week, its so pretty, even though the top wouldn't fit, and it has a flat top, its blue and white this year, next year we are going with purple and white, and at the festival I got alot of good ideas of ways to decorate in the future, I cant wait...
I Love decorating the tree!
(theres a whole lotta love in this post!)


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