Meal Plan 2/2-2/8

I cant believe it is already February, more then that I cant believe that damn Punxsutawney Phil is predicting 6 more weeks of winter (jerk!) well here is our menu for the week:
H's Breakfast
M cereal and fruit
T eggs and toast
W oatmeal
Th cereal and fruit
F oatmeal
(I am the worst mom ever and forgot to get waffles this weekend, oh well!)
H eats school lunch, and L and I just eat whatever, for "brunch" usually leftovers, a sandwich, or some sort of breakfast.
Saturday/Sunday we usually just make something simple this week is chili dogs and sandwiches, we have found that if we plan a lunch for home we are 95% less likely to go and eat out!
M- Cheeseburger soup (new recipe) rolls
T- drumsticks, rice, corn
W-Chili Verde (my version watch for the recipe later on in the week)
TH-Pork chops, baked potato, green beans, corn bread
F- Pizza Pasta (I am just going to "wing" this one hopefully its good) salad and rolls
S- Whole chicken in the crock
S- leftovers, (there is going to be some chicken leftover from Saturday so we will do something with that)
For more menu plans (usually over 200!) be sure to check out:


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