We zero-ed out the grocery money for the week! We went to SunFlower and something happened to the register mid transaction, the kid didn't want to try to figure it out so he just shrugged it off, when we were driving off we realized that some of the things we bought weren't scanned... I called once we got home (we were already on the freeway when we looked over it) to see what to do and the guy that answered just said, enjoy! so here's what we got;

1.59# onion .53 (I should have gotten more, oh well)
2 bunches of radishes 1.00
4 grapefruit 1.00
10.25#/4 bags green grapes 6.87 (these were so good! yesterday we had family over and ate one and a half bags we might have to go back and get some more)
and then I didn't get charged for;
6 ears of corn should have been 2.00
2# carrots should have been 1.00
4 tangelos should have been @ 2.00

-.10 bring your own bag
total 9.40

then we went to Walmart and got a bag of Doritos and some tomatoes which brought us to a zero balance!


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