Shopping 4/6-4/12

In an effort to eat healthier snacks we went and spent our food budget for the week on fruits and veggies! I know that it sounds like alot but it will be worth it, and since we have all the meat that we will need for the week its really no big deal. So last night we took an after dinner walk to Smiths, here's what we got;
Balance for the week 42.00
3 bags frozen corn 2.67
2 bags mixed veggies 1.78
2 bags cut broccoli 1.78 (I would have gotten fresh but it was to much$)
3 bag dole salad mix 3.87
2 packs crab meat 5.00
strawberries 3.98
1.30# pears 1.29
3 limes .99
1.35# golden delicious apples .80
5.69# minneolo oranges 3.93
celery .99
4.29# granny smith apples 6.54
3.20# banana 1.89
sweet and low 2.99
2 bottles of water 1.48
total 39.98
balance 2.02
That leaves us with 42.00 for next week. I know that some of the things that we bought could have been purchased at other stores for cheaper, but like I said before I am really not in a shopping kind of mood, so I am just happy to have food in the fridge! (that does sound kinda bad but oh well, life happens)


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