Our weekend

We spent the long weekend kinda just hanging out Friday we found out that Market Street Grill had lobsters for 9.99 each (not per # but each) Snow White and I dont eat lobster, but Grumpy, her sister and mom do. So they ate that and Snow White and I had make your own pizza, they got them live and cooked them here.
Saturday we did the lawns and did some shopping, got haircuts and then went to the drive in and watched Night at the Museum 2 (yawn) and 17 again (so funny).
Sunday we had a few people over for Carne Asada and Poker.
Monday we did nothing (sorta)! we went to Sunflower Market and got cherries and a few other things, we watched Fred Claus and had quesadillas for dinner it was a pretty laid back weekend.

Snow White is leaving this Friday for the Summer, I cant believe its that time already.
Here are some photos;
Lobsters after the hot tub
Going to the dog park last weekend


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the cutest picture of your dogs - they're adorable! They look just like two excited little kids in the back seat - waiting anxiously to go to the park. :D

May 27, 2009 at 1:23 PM


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