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This past weekend was Pioneer Day and for those of you that don't know what that is, dont feel bad I don't either, its a UT thing all I know is we get the day off, but can run errands because the banks are closed, but the mail still comes....

We had a BBQ to celebrate this day and did some mega promo shopping I dont have any receipts because you know that would mean that I was organized and despite what the woman behind me in line at Smiths says, I am not organized... so our grocery budget for the rest of the month (well until the 15th) is 150.00 I dont think I am going to go shopping for this week, we have a ton of stuff here that I can throw together. We will probably go this Saturday (1st) and then we are going to get Snow White on the 7th so maybe we will go shopping again on the 10th. I am sure that 150.00 will be more then enough, thats 75.00 per week. And there are not any really good sales going on at Smiths or Albertsons this week, just the PG promo but all I need from there is Shampoo. I think I need to get some sort of HBA budget going on I will have to look into that.


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