and more shopping

4 pints Starbucks ice cream 10.00
lactaid milk 3.38
4 bell peppers
-8.00 coupons

total 7.38
balance 263.46

some 'non' food highlights from todays shopping
*2-24oz Dawn pure essentials 2.25(4.50)-1.50 coupon(3.00) .75 each
*dog food 25.00 -5.00 coupon 20.00 (not a great deal but thats all we feed the boys)
*12 (5packs) mechanical pencils 2.44, (2 transactions)this is the first back to school sale I have been impressed with, last year we did a ton of shopping and we still have alot left if the penny sales start to pick up we will get more stuff other wise I dont think that we will be getting too much.


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