This weekend was filled with unexpected picnics! on Friday we went over to help MIL set up her pool so that led us to Walmart for some lunch for 6;
Maple Honey ham 3.69
hot pepper cheese 2.39
turkey breast 3.67
provolone 2.64
Watermelon 3.50
root beer .78
lettuce 1.00
tomato .60
coke .78
mustard 1.00
cherry coke .78
mustard .88
2 loaves bread 4.36
total 26.07
balance 87.81
then on Saturday we were going to go to a park but when we got there it was over crowded and there was no good food, so we ended up at Smiths to buy the fixens for a bbq if I would have planned ahead the items with stars I already had at home so we could have saved $
4 Kraft Mayo (for stockpile) 4.88 after coupons
3 Snickers 1.50
milk 1.86
*drumsticks 5.41
*hot dogs 1.09
hot dog buns .99
total 15.73
balance 72.08
could have saved 6.50
so that leaves us with 36.04 a week for the next 2 weeks, I will have more $ on the 15th but I am going to stretch our 72.08 till the 18th unless of course there are some good sales that are coming up, then I fully intend to do some stocking up.


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