Grocery Shopping 7/15-8/15

So we are starting out another grocery month with 372.23 (5.23 was left over from last month)so roughly, 93.00 a week which should be pretty easy, we are eating alot of fresh fruits and veggies right now, because they are in season and fairly cheap and I have a ton of meat still in the freezer, I think we might just need to get some pork chops!
Smiths is getting in on the Mega Sale (like Albertsons Epic Sale that just wont end) So I will be doing a ton of transactions there this week, and since we found those 2.00 off 4.00 soda coupons we will be getting coke 2 liters for about .35 a piece! cant wait for that!
We are going to have soda for ever!
I don't really have to much other then that to write about right now, so I am going to take the beast for a walk before it is to hot to move....


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