Confession time

I must confess I hate cleaning my room, deep down I am a 13 year old messy girl... so today after my fabulous wife put the baby (that I babysit) to sleep I found myself staring at my messes and thinking "what have I done" and then did something about it so here are my confessions;
all of this was on this
I know I know I don't know whats wrong with me maybe there is some sort of group I can join, I just really have alot of clutter,
maybe I should take a picture of my desk...
maybe not because then I will have to clean it,
did I really just have a conversation with myself?
I swear 90% of that is all mine and Grumpys side was clean, dusty, but clean so now after a full hour, yes an hour (the baby really did sleep that long,
thank you again Grumpy you are a Friday life saver!)
it now looks like this

For today... (maybe on Monday I will post another picture)


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