Our newest toy

So I know I said we were following Dave Ramsey's Total Money makeover and new "toys" are supposed to be out of the question but just hear me out...

In September we were given some concert tickets we sold them on Monday for 90.00 total profit!! Since we bought this house in May we have been talking about putting a TV in our first living room where we have our fire place, the weather is getting cooler so we have been thinking about it more and more, but clearly 90.00 wouldnt buy us a tv right? wrong!

We started searching the online classifieds on Monday and pretty much gave up, everything was either too big and too much money or too small and too much money. But then... I found this

A 27 inch Hitachi for 10.00! I was the first one to respond and as soon as Grumpy got of work we ran over and got it. On the way home we stopped at a thrift store and found the stand for 15.00! so this whole set up was 25.00! So we still have 65.00 left I am so proud of us usually what would happen is this. We want a tv lets go to Best Buy, buy the best tv and entertainment stand just put it on the credit card and pay it off later. I do believe we have changed. This isnt our "forever" TV but it does serve the purpose we are thinking 30-32 inch flat screen on a center from Ikea but that will come later. In the mean time, this TV works great the color is great, its the perfect size and did I mention it was only 10.00! Never did I think that we could pay only 10.00 for a TV.


Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

Wow, nice find! Love the tv stand (and the tv is nice too).

October 1, 2009 at 1:13 PM


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