thanks Dave, and an update

Since we started following Dave Ramsey we have paid off a whole credit card, we paid 289.52 in 10 days! it would have taken us so much longer had we not been doing the "snowball" method. If you have not read total money makeover, I really don't know what you are waiting for it will literally change your life...

And no we are not just sitting at home selling off all of our possessions, we have just gotten more creative about our outings this weekend we are headed to the Home Show, 12.00 for Grumpy and I to get in and free for Snow White.

So for our second round of "snow" I thought I would add this cool little ticker, like our vacation one; when it updates I will just re post it

As for Xmas, yes we are already almost there, only 11 more Fridays our niece is done, she has 3 more dollars left in her budget, maybe we will find somethings for her at the 1.00 store. We got her a really cute tent from Overstock.com for 19.99 (thank you PYP) I will post a picture once it gets here.

that's all for now, Snow White has her last soccer game tomorrow, maybe I will remember to bring my camera...



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